What the series is about.

This series documents queer people exploring and being rejuvenated by forest bathing in nature. The collaboration with queer subjects across the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ includes video interviews and still photographs to share that sense of calm with our community. The goal is to capture a human centered portrait in nature and bring back that green natural environment to the gallery space. 

There is an open call to be photographed for this ongoing project. Link to participate.

About the artist

Nate Mahoney creates work inspired by dualities. Design and Art. Video and Still Photography. Nature and Urban. The work is centered on compassion for others surviving in our complex and often inhospitable world. As a queer artist, design researcher, and urban dweller, Nate reacts to the city with inspired work that communicates connections between people, time, nature, place, and space. Nate lives and works in downtown San Francisco, California.

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that this project takes place on the ancestral lands of Native Peoples. We acknowledge this not only in thanks to the Indigenous communities who have held a relationship with this land and stewarded it for generations, but also in recognition of the historical violence, exploitation, dispossession and attempted destruction of native communities. Additionally, we make this acknowledgement as a point of reflection for us all as we begin to address these wrongs in an effort to heal our relationship with Native Peoples.