A performance art proposal to create a pop-up coffee shop that runs on an experimental Chat GPT conversation. The whole thing is a mechanical Turk. Perhaps it’s called OZ coffee. In reference to the wizard of oz.

1. Scan a QR code at the coffee pop up to begin a SMS chat conversation to order your coffee.
2. Prompt: What kind of coffee would you like and can I have your name for the order? (It’s free)
3. The customers name is hand written on the counter by a wand to suggest what could be automated with the delivery process while a lively conversation goes back and forth about the coffee order.
4. No matter what the customer orders, they just get a regular coffee from a basic Keurig machine behind the curtain.

5. The last message in the conversation will be asking to provide a 1 star review to be helpful to future customers. ⭐️

Check out this review of AI coffee on Google Maps

100,000 views on Google maps!

Sound effects from an espresso machine steaming milk will be played during the conversation.

Scan the QR code to start a conversational AI coffee order.